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Neck Lift

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Our faces are the first impression we give to everyone we meet and should reflect the inner youth and joy we feel. Many cosmetic procedures treat areas of the face but overlook the mid neck area, which despite a youthful face, can create the look of age.

The neck lift, technically termed a lower rhytidectomy, is one of the many surgical techniques for correcting the conditions mentioned above. Though there are many ways to achieve a tighter more youthful neck, the results with many of the techniques are consistently positive for patients with sagging neck and jowls.

Dr. Sarikhani addresses the tightening of the neck in multiple ways, but is best known for his expertise in artfully combining both surgical and non-surgical treatments. His methods involve ThermiRF technology, whereby tissue layers are treated with heat utilizing carefully regulated radio frequency. These methods are effective, non-surgical procedures that allow for faster healing times and equally dramatic results as other methods.

Sagging skin, pockets of fat, textural quality, and an overall laxity in the neck muscles are inevitable parts of the aging process. This appearance of jowls and decreased jawline definition is motivation for many patients to seek treatment in order to rejuvenate their look and often regain their confidence.


The ideal candidate for a neck lift procedure has sagging skin and/or muscle under the jawline due to age, extreme weight loss, or heredity. Patients with excess pockets of stubborn fat under the chin are also candidates. The neck lift tightens and contours these problem areas resulting in not just a younger look, but often higher self esteem.


During your consultation, Dr. Sarikhani will examine the neck and jowls to decipher the best technique to use in addressing each patient’s problem areas. For some, the ThermiRF will work the best as they may not have extreme cases of skin sagging or neck muscle looseness. For others, who may have more extreme sagging and loss of muscle tension, a mini lift or face-lift may be recommended. After deciding the best method, Dr. Sarikhani will answer any questions you might have and give you additional information about the selected procedure. After your consultation, an appointment will be set for your treatment and Dr. Sarikhani, or a member of his friendly staff, will answer any questions or concerns leading up to the appointment.


Recovery varies depending on the technique that Dr. Sarikhani has used to address a patient’s neck lift. For the most part, ThermiRF procedures can have you back to your normal activities the day following your surgery. You may experience slight redness in the treatment area, mild bruising, and minor swelling. These subside after a few hours and are completely normal post recovery. During your recovery phase Dr. Sarikhani will measure the results and may recommend additional Thermi treatments. Each treatment is repeated as necessary, until the desired look is achieved, except for the ThermiRase technique, which only requires one or two treatments.

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